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(Govt. Approved/Authorised)
Approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India under MCA21

Authorised by Directorate of Commercial Taxes, Govt. of West Bengal

Appointed by Income Tax Department, Ministry of Finance through NSDL

Authorised by E-Mudhra for issuance of Digital Signature Certificate

Authorised by Central Board of Excise and Customs, Govt. of India (For Service & Central Excise)

  1. e-Filling of Service Tax Returns as well as Registration.

  2. e-Filling of TDS/TCS Return.

  3. e-Filling of Sales Tax Return, New Registration & other related services through Facilation Centre approved by Government of West Bengal.

  4. e-Filling of Income Tax Return.

  5. e-payment of Sales Tax, Income Tax, Service Tax, ESIC, Provident Fund etc.

  6. Incorporation of Company including e-Filling of Annual Return & all other company matters through CFC approved by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India.

  7. LLP formation and related compliance services.

  8. Issuance of Digital Signature (Class-II, Class-III, DGFT, Encryption) of e-Mudhra as Premium Registration Authority.

  9. Internal & Statutory Audit and preparation of Books of Accounts.

  10. SSI, NSIC, Pollution, Professional Tax Enrolment and Registration, Trade License etc.

  11. Civilmatters, Defence Prosecution.

  12. Forest Law related issues, N.I. Act related issues.

  13. Matrimonial related matters, Banking related cases etc.

  14. Soceity Registration and related services.

  15. Project appraisal and Loan Syndication services.

  16. Any Tax related cases and other e-services.

  17. Web site design & web application.

  18. e-commerce web site designing.

  19. Software Development.



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